Liveblogging! “It’s Too Damn Early,” 1/22/11

I’m happy to be “back” following my two vacations shows! It’s incredible how stepping away from my usual format revives me. Today’s show is shaping up to be really terrific, so I hope you enjoy it!

Strotter Inst. -#1 (from “Minenhund,” on Hinterzimmer and Public Guilt)
Strotter Inst. -#2
Strotter Inst. -#3
The Infant Cycle — Secret Hidden Message (from album of the same name, on Drone Records)
The Infant Cycle — (And Then The Dog Replied)
Kim Nasung — Breathing Technique 01 (from “Mindful Awareness,” on Mind Twisting Records)
Kim Nasung — Raisin Exercise
Bastard Noise, Antennacle — He No Longer Lives Entirely Among Us (from self-titled 7″ on Kitty Play)
Tootsietoy — Wild Bird Calls
Music From The Film — The Main Attraction (from “How The West Was Once,” self-release)
Music From the Film — There Is No Help
Music From the Film — An Oasis of Mirages
Music From the Film — Sawdust Floor
Jeff Sampson — Stress
Jeff Sampson — Outside Perimeter 2
Alvin Lucier, Robert Dick — Almost New York (from “Almost New York,” on Pogus Productions)
Horaflora — Live at KALX, 8/11/09 (this, and next two, from “Horaflora/Secret Boyfriend” split LP on Hot Releases)
Secret Boyfriend — Northern America
Secret Boyfriend — Cool Air


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