New features at The Blogapus

Everyone here at The Blogapus hopes you enjoy our new look! We’ve got a few interesting new features, too. Above these entries, in the header, you’ll see links to our current schedule and the Volunteer Spotlight. We’ve kicked it off with a short interview with  “The Galaxy” host and long-time volunteer Doug Flummer. You’ll also notice two links to WDBX’s webstream. There’s one in the header, and one in the right sidebar.

If you ever feel a little lost, just click The Blogapus herself– you’ll be whisked back to the main page with all eight arms!

Update: New features are coming so fast today! Check out the “Contact WDBX” form, up in the header. It’s a pretty swanky way to get in touch with us. Give it a shot, we’d love to hear from you!


One comment on “New features at The Blogapus

  1. heya,

    I tagged everyone I could think of in the pic on facebook and had almost half – others have started tagging too. we’re gonna get everyone – might be nice to repost on here

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