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Isabella: Where Classical & Classic Meets Spiritual

Isabella plays classics!

Playlist from December 23, 2010…Holiday Fill-In for Full Circle.

Bach Flute Sonatas- Sonate Pour Flute et Clevecin
Blind Faith- Presence of Lord
Allen Sherman- 12 Gifts of Christmas
Bryan Bowers- Simple Gifts
Israel Kamakwiwo’ole- Somewhere over the Rainbow
Stevie Wonder- Ma Cherie Amour
Bob Marley- Lively Up Yourself and Sun is Shining
Bob Dylan- Positively 4th Street
Allman Brothers- Melissa
Rishi Nitya Pragya- Shiva Raja Maheshwara
Michael Jackson- I Just Can’t Stop Loving You
Christmas Medley from YouTube
Louis Armstrong- I Can’t Give You Anything But Love
Mozart- Eine Kleine Nacht Music- Rondo Allegro
Carole King and Friends- You’ve Got a Friend
The Band- I Shall Be Released
Joni Mitchell- Little Green and Ladies of the Canyon
Simon and Garfunkel- The Boxer and 59th Street Bridge Song
Deva Premal- Om Namo Bhagavate and Yemaya Assessu
Fleetwood Mac- You Make Loving Fun


More about Isabella at “Vital Writer Services Blog”



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