“Style City” 12/19/10

Thanks for listening! If you liked the show, call me next week! 618-457-3691.

Candlestickmaker — 107049
Colongib, Christopher Graves — Magic Spoon (from “Special Rumble,” on Kracfive)
Colongib, Christopher Graves — Relative Salmon
Colongib, Christopher Graves — Wagun
Listen to Sarah — Mulatto
Listen to Sarah — Dub Cha Pap
Listen to Sarah — Rainsticks
Lackluster — 18/10/99
Lackluster — 26/05/00
Elebleu — The Two Lines Between Us
Elebleu — The Mothman
Elebleu — Like Tigers In the Back Seat of My Car
Kim Cascone — Dust Theories
Aphex Twin — Donkey Rhubarb *listener request*
Jfrank — Dutch Flood
Jfrank — Last Train
Elliot — Scrape
Nonima — Not in Portland
Tom Woxom — Electric Mind


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