Bongo’s Snow Day Stumper!

Can you name every DJ in this old WDBX photo? I’ll spot you one– Sarah Mae is hiding in her hair at #17. Click to view the image in full size, and leave your guesses in the comment section

Here’s a numbered version, in case you want to write it out:



5 comments on “Bongo’s Snow Day Stumper!

  1. Sarah Mae says:

    Please correct me if I’m wrong! Here goes…
    #16- Justin Case (Stephen Hearn)
    #12- BRP
    #50- Bongo Ali
    #26- Bob Dunn
    #27- Jim Skinner
    #9- Kathy Livingston

    I only got 6. I think I know a few more, but I’m really not positive, it was so long ago!

    Sarah Mae

  2. Here’s my take .. .wowza
    I remember this picture being taken – or being at the meeting right before it was taken – so long ago. I love it! Thanks for sharing…

    1) Byron Livingston
    2) Nicole Hassler (from Mid-west Teen Sex Show)
    3) Trast Hassler
    7) Vern Crawford
    8) Lara Ashby
    9) Kathy Livingston
    11) Eric ____?
    12) BRP
    19) Courtney (Eric’s partner)
    20) Nana Wendt (Renada)
    23) Dawn Adams (Jane Adams’ daughter)
    25) Mark Poole
    27) Jim Skinner
    30) Tracy Antonovich
    32) Maggie Jihan
    33) Ari Jihan
    34) Greg Wolf
    40) Frances Murphy
    44) Mike L
    45) Steve
    51) Jane
    55) Tom
    57) James Helfrich

  3. Nikol says:

    That is so nuts, guys. Sometimes I wonder what happened to those thrift store spots I recorded while I was out there.
    Seeing this photo reminds me of the crazy vast changes of the past 12 years. That little baby in my arms will be 13 in April! Thanks for posting this.

    -Nikol Hasler (formerly Songer)

  4. dougflummer says:

    and no one remembers me? LOL…. sadly, I’m terrible with names, so you will easily do better than me. I do remember Eric’s last name – Rabinowitz. Also, Dawn Adams eventually became locally notorious for throwing the pie into George Ryan’s face during an appearance at the Student Center.

  5. dougflummer says:

    (how I’m so terrible with names, yet remember anything and everything about music without trying is beyond my comprehension. Yet it happens.)

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