“Style City” 12/12/10

Thanks for listening! Call in at 618-457-3691.

Sorry I was a little spaced out. This show was sort of wonky, but I hope you liked it anyway. “Boards of Cannibal” rock, haha.

Machine Drum — Thanks Very Much
Machine Drum — Machine Drum
Pierlo — King of the Kitchen (from “Olivetti Prodest,” on Upitup Records)
Pierlo — Xor
Pierlo — Barbarian
Books on Tape — Dance of the Drum Cadets (on “Throw Down Your Laptops,” Deathbomb Arc)
Books on Tape — Terranaut
Scrambled Mache — Juicy (from “The Bubblemaker”)
Scrambled Mache — Flashback
Scrambled Mache — Run Pool
Mice Parade — Dub Interlude 2
Mice Parade — Open Air Dance, pt. 1, 2, 3
Scrambled Mache — Electric Soil
Scrambled Mache — Temper
Scrambled Mache — Dream Speaker
Scrambled Mache — Undercover
Scrambled Mache — Egg Yolk
Quench — Bud
DJ Em Eff — Warm Leatherette
Unagi Patrol — I’m Going To The Deli
Boards of Canada — Roygbiv
Pierlo — Orcamancer
Piero — Skyroads


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