“Style City” 12/5/10

I have a sore throat, so sorry I can’t talk much on the air this week. I hope you enjoy the show anyway. I’m really excited about Christmas! Send me some music on Soundcloud! Thanks for all the phone calls, too!

Books on Tape — Sad Song, Winter Version (from “Throw Down Your Laptops,” on Deathbomb Arc)
Books on Tape — Smart on TV
Books on Tape — The Crawl
Scrap.edx — Nonlinear Interfacing
Scrap.edx — The Wire
Scrap.edx — Differentiator
Mice Parade — Phasen Wiese
Mice Parade — Freedom World Excerpt
Mice Parade — All Roads Lead To Salzberg
Hautlle — Jehova Like Joy (from “Boundaries Destroyed,” on Complex Sound Sagacity)

Quench — Scid
Quench — Vexx
Quench — Diaz
Unagi Patrol — Party (from “Elevate and Pool,” on Carpet Bomb)
Unagi Patrol — Lost Continental
Unagi Patrol — pblf
DJ Em Eff (Michael Frazer) — Zelda Fairy Fountain IDM v.3
Hautlle — URn Sp4


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