Light’s Fantastic Parade kids kamp 11/30/10

Just taking a few minutes from a busy schedule to remind and invite everyone about Carbondale’s Annual Light’s Fantastic Parade coming up this Saturday, Dec 4th at 6pm on the strip in Carbondale Il. WDBX is excited to be having a  float this year thanks to many enthusiastic volunteers!

We invite you all  to celebrate the holiday season by coming out early, have a nice dinner and cheer for your favorite radio station.  In addition, long time radio personality Jean Armstrong (Grandma from Grandma’s Jazz) will be on board will be our very own “star” on the tree so to speak. After 25 years of on-air time, I believe she quite deserves this honor.

We are working up some fun, up-beat and parade ready holiday style music that we think you will enjoy!

We will be bringing the joy of music with us for sure. And of course – the light’s will be, well , FANTASTIC!

Thanks to all including Carbondale Main Street for continuing a wonderful holiday tradition.

Momma C


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