A Well-Seasoned Harvest {Whirled Peas Café Radio}

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This November we witnessed a true “once in a Blue Moon” which by official definition is the third moon of a season that contains four full moons. And all of my life I thought a Blue Moon occurred when two moons went full during a single month. So don’t be surprised to see celebrations of the season and moons in today’s playlist.

As we put a wrap on November, I originally planned on sampling some more Native American music. Yesterday, Morningstar put together some music I would only pale at the attempt to imitate.  So instead, I’d like to urge you, my readers to visit her FaceBook page. Support our local Native Voices by “like”-ing it. While you’re at it, check out the older playlists at Whirled Peas Café on FaceBook, as well.

Today’s playlist also includes the final three songs of Fellowship, Lizz Wright‘s new release. All three of today’s selection are sultry and soulful in a hybridized gospel tradition. Since Neil Young was also prominent on my mind this Harvest season, I couldn’t help but include a live version of Lizz’s cover of his classic Old Man…from his album Harvest, of course.

Perhaps the best part of today’s show for me was my chance to share my visit with local wildlife photographer, Al Parr. The joy he gets from his regular walks on Campus Lake is evidenced in the stunning catalog of pictures that document those forays. Thank you, Al, for sharing your passion and expertise with us. And thanks to Dia for sharing Al with us. For more information about Al’s slide presentations and artwork, visit his website: http://www.dialparr.com. But for those of you who caught this morning’s show, you would understand that Al can be found at many of the local craft shows, the next one being at the SIUC Student Center Holiday Craft Show Dec 2nd-4th. As much as Al enjoys the solitude of his nature walks, I believe he enjoys communing with budding photographers and wildlife enthusiasts even more. Stop by this weekend and ask Al the questions you wish I had asked. I guarantee he will greet them with the same generosity and excitement he gave to our interview. I”m still working on developing my technical skills. I hope to attach an audio to this post later in the week. For now, enjoy this slide show of some of Al’s Campus Lake shots.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Four Seasons: Autumn (Vivaldi) Conductor, Lamberto Gardelli & Sand Artist Ferenc Cakó
Early Autumn
Raya Yarbrough
Feed the Light Lizz Wright
Harvest Neil Young
Old Man Lizz Wright

Harvest Moon Neil Young
Adiyo Kerida Zorzal
Be One Now Little Feat
Fire Is Low Freshlyground
Gypsy Moon Ranger And The Re-Arrangers
Hatching Day Anne McCaffrey, Tania Opland, et al
I Remember, I Believe Lizz Wright
Imagine John Lennon
Pastures Of Plenty Alison Krauss & Union Station
Sweeping Through the City Lizz Wright


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