“Style City” 11/28/10

Lately, I’ve really been digging Scrap.edx. If you know any other good albums like this, let me know. Hope you enjoy the show!

I felt like this was a really successful show, and I’m happy that people were listening. Thank you! –Emma, Tour Guide for Style City

Lackluster — xx/xx/99 (from “Showcase,” on Merck)
Lackluster — 01/10/00
Lackluster — 07/05/00

Scrap.edx — Autotransformer (from Nonlinear Interfacing,” on DTA)
Scrap.edx — Audible Gasp
Scrap.edx — Spasm Engage
Unagi Patrol — Unabomber (from “Elevate and Pool,” on Carpet Bomb)
Unagi Patrol — Elevate and Pool
Unagi Patrol — Andy’s On My Pillow
Quench — Nightshelf (from “Punctuated,” on n5md)
Quench — Zane

Quench — Nemm
Gunshop — EE Hates Crusher (from self-titled album on CIP)
Gunshop — First Lesson in Antimagnetics
Varathane — Untitled 1 (from “Ruddy Brown Primer,” on Hydrant)
Varathane — Untitled 2
Unagi Patrol — King Kamehameha
Livestock — Lawndrop
Mice Parade — Circle 1 (from “All Roads Lead to Salzberg,” on Bubble Core)


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