“It’s Too Damn Early,” 11/27/10

I’ve performed an aural “hard reset” following Sneaky Pete’s six-hour Jimi Hendrix birthday show– much of which I witnessed firsthand, while sleeping on the couch in the foyer. There’s nothing quite like the tenuous sleep of a tall man on a short couch, particular when it’s punctuated with the periodic awareness of Hendrix roaring out of the studio monitors. Luckily, I’m a big Hendrix fan, and loved every bleary-eyed moment of it… particularly the 8/31/70 version of “Machine Gun,” which runs over 20 minutes!

Here’s the playlist for today’s special psychedelic tribute to Paula Deen:

Grey Park — 10 Dollar Habit/Immediate Resignation (from “Halogen Ball,” on Negative Foundation)
The Free Players — On Another Side of the Blue (from self-titled album on Last Visible Dog)
Erik Satie — Upsud: Ballet Chretien; Act I, A Deserted Beach
Erik Satie — Upsud: Ballet Chretien; Act II, The House of Upsud
Erik Satie — Upsud: Ballet Chretien; Act III, The Summit of a Mountain- Upon It A Crucifix (this, and next, from “Paris X,” on Furious Artisans and Innova)
Dane Rudhyar — Tetragram #3: Rebirth
No One Pulse — Kapok (from “LINGK,” on Lona Records)
Paula Deen, Jamie Deen — “Be rough with it…”

Paula Deen offers listeners a chance to "hard reset" their arteries, too.

Eddie the Rat — Sunny’s Up All Night (from “Insomnia Sound Bible,” on Edgetone)
Eddie the Rat — Freak Out & Die
Eddie the Rat — Cough Up The Life Units
Sensible Nectar — Neurological Problem (from split c20 w/Casket At the Altar on Violent Noise Atrocities)
Sensible Nectar — Liplike Structure (from “Tectonic Grind,” on Rainbow Bridge)
Sensible Nectar — Hiding Microbe (from “Catholocyst,” on Chaosynod)
Sensible Nectar — Fuck Chamber (from “Death Panels,” on Danvers State Recordings)


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