Whirled Peas Café Radio Playlist: November 22, 2010

Musical Comfort Food with a World of Spice

A Very Happy Thanksgiving to all of my listeners and blog-followers! In celebration of Native American Heritage Month, the playlist is heavy on indigenous representation. Thank you to Morningstar of Native Voices for giving suggestions to some of this week’s selections. Former member of The Band, Robbie Robertson contributed to a few of this week’s songs. Robbie is a registered member of the Mohawk tribe, and his more recent work reflects that heritage.

This week we are continuing to sample Lizz Wright’s new album, Fellowship. The album reaches back to her Georgia gospel roots, but her song book is quite contemporary.

Lots to be thankful for…including my garden that keeps on giving, this mild weather for late November, the blue moon of harvest, and too much food this coming Thursday. Before you succumb to a turkey induced coma, tune in to CNN Heroes 2010 for a special celebration of humanity at its best (in many cases, responding to humanity at its worst). I’ve added a Special Bonus track below that is a reminder that no matter how small the contribution is, every drop matters.

Fire: His Holiness Heart Mantra Alysia Tromblay
Fire Spirit Big City Indians

Ain’t No More Cane Bob Dylan & The Band
Lullaby The Cat Empire
Longform The Dodos
Undercurrent John Trudell

Hannah Freelance Whales
Persian Odyssey Kiu Haghighi
Fellowship Lizz Wright
Wild World Joan Osborne
I’ve Got To Use My Imagination Lizz Wright
Somewhere Down The Crazy River Robbie Robertson

If I Had a Boat
Lyle Lovett
Like A Prayer Madonna
All The Seeds Lizz Wright
Let Them Talk Lizz Wright
Ulali Ghost Dance Robbie Robertson et al

Without Love Nick Lowe
Georgia On My Mind Ray Charles
Silence is a Weapon
Black Fire

Bonus Track:

From the movie, Dirt!


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