Liveblogging! “It’s Too Damn Early,” 11/20/10

I had an interesting conversation with some folks who stopped by the station tonight. They’d called in earlier in the evening, to mention that the show sounded like “someone eating potato chips.” I assumed that, like many late-night calls one receives in the DJ booth, I was getting less than humanity’s best and let the call end there.

But my callers were rather earnest about things, and set out on foot– from nearby Tropicana– to let me know, ostensibly so I could correct whatever malfunctioning piece of equipment was causing the noise, or to clue me in that my snack was accidentally being broadcast live.

I ended up having to show them the album as proof, and ended up playing a few songs from it as well. Although I’m not certain of their final opinions regarding Hwaet’s debut album (but nowhere near the first for either of the artists involved!) I was intrigued by their interpretations of the various sounds– that, rather than hearing it as a work of improvisation, it was something like overhearing everyday events in the life of the artists.

One track sounded like eating potato chips. Another was heard as a woman ironing. Later on in the track, my guests decided that the scene had changed to this same woman, angrily preparing a meal while her husband returned home.

Vertonen — The Last Great Circus of Desperate Heritage (from “The Ocean Is Gone, the Ship Is Next,” on Ground Fault)
Rune Lindblad — Maskinlandskap (from “Objekt 2: Electronic & Concrete Music 1962-1988,” on Pogus)
Ralph White & The Hora Flora Soundsystem — Wildflower Face, Insect Eyes (from self-titled album on Resipiscent)

Hwaet (Steven Flato, Vanessa Rossetto) — mmqrit (from “hwaet,” on Abrash and Music Appreciation labels)
Hwaet — fpdgtv
Hwaet — vhxck
Hwaet — gwnbld
Kiyoshi Mizutani, Hideaki Shimada, Kiyoharu Kuwayama — Chimere 1 (from “Gambetta,” on Monochrome Vision)
Kiyoshi Mizutani, Hideaki Shimada, Kiyoharu Kuwayama — Meguro
Kiyoshi Mizutani, Hideaki Shimada, Kiyoharu Kuwayama — Chimere 2
Nerfbau — Plague Drones (from “Error Swarms,” on Resipiscent)
Nerfbau — Today’s Forecast (Paralysis Season)

Nerfbau — Plastic Head Cage
Nerfbau — Who Are You Looking For…
Nerfbau — “Helpless Against Evolution”
Nerfbau — Everybody Knew
Nerfbau — Lights Out
Miya Masaoka, Audrey Chen, Hans Grusel, Kenta Nagai — Dialing (from self-titled album on Resipiscent)

Amere3 — Deodor (from “Trees,” on Whi Music)
Amere3 — Gean
Amere3 — Katsura pt.1
Amere3 — Katsura pt.2


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