Kids Kamp Radio 11/20/10 Be thankful!

artist song cd

Key Wilde and Mr. Clarke – Rise and Shine – Rise and Shine –
Okee Dokee Brothers – Wash Your Face – Take It Outside
The Ameoba People – Cosmology, Your Futon and You
Funky Mamas – The Toogh Fairy Twirl – Rolling Alomng
Flying Purple Puppy Dog – Dogs Just Want To Have Fun
Tom Glazer – 3 Crows – Honk Hiss Tweet GGGGGGG
Miss Nina – Opposite Day
Charlie Hope – Mr. Sun
Justin Roberts – I Chalk! – Meltdown!
The Sunrise Call – A Zuni Native American Song The RCA Victor Orchestra

Miss Cynthia Reads – The Know Nothing’s Talk Turkey
An author’s note – Grand Parents LOVE to be Read to – too!

Barry Louis Polisar – Turkeys In The Straw – Juggling Babies
Trout Fishing In America – Fill It Up – It’s A Puzzle
Miss Cynthia Reads – Not a Worry In The World


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