Whirled Peas Café Radio Playlist: November 15th, 2010

Musical Comfort Food with a World of Spice

Scott Rogers stopped by this morning. He has been a member of a Buddhist meditation group that sits weekly at Marion Prison. He and Randy Osborne had stopped by a month or so ago to share their experiences in Buddhist practice and working with the prisoners. This Saturday the prison is having a training and paperwork processing. A necessary step to sitting with the inmate population. Please contact Scott at <dharmavet@yahoo.com> for more information.

We continue to celebrate Native American Heritage Month. This week the spotlight is on the Navajo Nation or, as they refer to themselves, the Diné. Radmilla Cody has won the Miss Navajo title. If you’ve ever seen the Independent Lens special, you will know that she has some serious indigenous skills. It isn’t all cans of hairspray and Vaseline slathered teeth. Try sheering a sheep and other real life Rez skills!

Still have plenty of plum tracks to sample from Lizz Wright’s new album, Fellowship. If the Gospel Medley doesn’t make a believer out of you, listen up to her rendition of the Eric Clapton classic, Presence of the Lord. Gloria Griffin wrote God Specializes, but after you hear it I think you will agree with me that Lizz owns it!

Sound the Alarm Theivery Corporation
Nobody Knows Me At All The Weepies
Wing Patti Smith
I’d Like Freshlyground
Gospel Medley Lizz Wright
You Are My Sunshine Ray Charles
House of the Rising Sun Odetta

Presence of the Lord Lizz Wright
The Star Spangled Banner (Navajo) Radmilla Cody
Dreamin’ About the Day Joan Osborne
Stagefright Bob Dylan & The Band
Folsom Prison Blues Johnny Cash
Hey Hey Hey Chris Smithers
Raging Fire Garrision Starr
Bushwick Blues Delta Spirit

Heart of Gold Neil Young
Soldier After All John Gorka
America, The Beautiful (Navajo) Navajo Ensemble
A Beautiful Dawn Radmilla Cody

The Horse Song Radmilla Cody
God Specializes Lizz Wright
Prayer of the Navajo Robin Dymond
Everybody Loves You Hazmat Modine
Lord Knows I Would Raya Yarbrough
Yashanti Yael Naim

Bonus Track:


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