Liveblogging! “It’s Too Damn Early,” 11/13/10

I have a feeling that this is going to be a noisy show today– lots of weird stuff on the horizon. I’m kicking off today’s set with Nerfbau’s “Error Swarms” album, which is terrifically well-done… off-kilter and disturbing, like swimming across a lake in the rain at night, drunk.

Everyone but the noise fans can pretty much ignore my recommendations for The Adjective Noun’s “Species Traitor”  album and “Rebelyon Esklav” 3-incher– but if you’ve been digging the harsher end of things, either (or both!) of these would make a great addition to your collection. The mini-CDR is always going to be my favorite format, and its strengths show on “Rebelyon Esklav”… the focus narrows down somewhat, but the length still allows for the work to breathe.

I’m playing from Barry Chabala and Phil Hargreaves’ album “Musick for Two Machines” now, which requires the use of two CD players in shuffle mode to play both discs simultaneously. Chabala provides one disc of guitar and laptop sounds, and Hargreaves employs tenor sax thr0ughout the other. It’s a fun concept, made even more so with repeated listens. Like a lot of the Whi Music label, this one is available for free at the label’s site. There’s even a flash player so you can replicate the experience without downloading!

Nerfbau — Cochlear Phantasmagoria (from “Error Swarms,” on Resipiscent)
Nerfbau — Mechanical Camel Toes (Smell It My DNA)
Nerfbau — First Amoeba
Nerfbau — Arc of the West
Nerfbau — Specimen
The Adjective Noun — Species Traitor, pt.2 (from “Species Traitor,” on U.S.A. Surpasses All Nazi Genocide Records)
The Adjective Noun — Rebelyon Esklav, pt. 1 (from “Rebelyon Esklav,” also on U.S.A. Surpasses All Nazi Genocide Records)
The Adjective Noun — Rebelyon Esklav, pt.2

Barry Chabala, Phil Hargreaves — Musick for Two Machines (from album of the same name, on Whi Music)
Lois Laplace — Awake (from “Fine Sediment,” on Cycling 74)
Lois Laplace — Light and Shape
Lois Laplace — Forward Cathedral
Lois Laplace — Elevator Light
Lois Laplace — Erable
Eddie the Rat — My Little Red Stungun (from “Out Behind the 8-Ball,” on Edgetone)
Eddie the Rat — Lela, My Familiar
Eddie the Rat — The Closet People
Eddie the Rat — Out Behind the 8-Ball


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