Whirled Peas Café Radio Playlist: November 1, 2010

Musical Comfort Food with a World of Spice

Special guest, Dr. Elizabeth “Betsy” Herman stopped by the studio on the way to class this Monday morning. Betsy and I talked of our experiences in her bi-weekly writing group.  Betsy hosts us through her Vital Writer Services. We’ve been warming up for a couple of months now: practicing our free writing by suspending our inner critic’s voice and getting that pen to glide across the paper. We spend every other Sunday night, reading a short piece on writing, free writing for 10-15 minutes, sharing our writing, and giving feedback on each other’s work. We cap things off with a vegetarian potluck. Not too late to join in. By joining the Vital Writer Services Facebook page, we are notified of the next session.

What better way to kick off November, or NaNoWriMo? For the uninitiated (which included me last year), NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month is the annual challenge to write an entire novel (sans editing) in merely 30 days. The important thing is to get pen to paper on a regular basis. To quote an artist on a recent Charlie Rose episode, “Inspiration is for amateurs.” This gets your butt in the chair. There is power in numbers. And there are plenty of resources and encouragement available on the NaNoWriMo website.  A handful of us from Betsy’s writers group have also pledged to take the challenge. A friend told me of a group that is meeting at Longbranch as well. It is everyone’s dream, so go ahead and make it your reality!

What I’ve been listening to this week:

This week’s playlist has me visiting an old friend, Patti Smith. I think I bought my first album of hers (yes, vinyl) back in the mid 70’s or so. She is paired with another strong poetic female voice, Gin Wigmore. Gin is a newcomer and a product from a vibrant and eclectic New Zealand music scene. Note: I played Dancing Barefoot from my own music library, not off of youtube for the broadcast show. The video below has a few FCC flagged words in it, but the performance of nonviolent communication skills makes this version my choice for the blog.

Hallelujah Gin Wigmore
These Roses Gin Wigmore
When I Write the Book Nick Lowe

Wrapped In the Arms of Another Susan Tedeschi
What a Wonderful World Louis Armstrong
Love Is a Rose Neil Young
Dancing Barefoot (Remastered) Patti Smith

Early Autumn Raya Yarbrough
True Believer Aimee Mann
Distant Fingers (Demo) Patti Smith
Trotto Liz Knowles
Wish I Could Be That Strong Coco Montoya
Goin’ to Acapulco Bob Dylan & The Band
Protons, Neutrons, Electrons The Cat Empire
Trip, Stumble & Fall Coco Montoya
Sweet Relief One Fell Swoop
Perfect Imperfection Little Feat
S.O.S. Gin Wigmore

Stoppin The Love KT Tunstall
You Don’t Know Me Ray Charles
Will the Circle Be Unbroken Mavis Staples
Angel from Montgomery Susan Tedeschi

Bonus Track:


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