Light’s Fantastic Parade kids kamp 11/30/10

Just taking a few minutes from a busy schedule to remind and invite everyone about Carbondale’s Annual Light’s Fantastic Parade coming up this Saturday, Dec 4th at 6pm on the strip in Carbondale Il. WDBX is excited to be having a  float this year thanks to many enthusiastic volunteers!

We invite you all  to celebrate the holiday season by coming out early, have a nice dinner and cheer for your favorite radio station.  In addition, long time radio personality Jean Armstrong (Grandma from Grandma’s Jazz) will be on board will be our very own “star” on the tree so to speak. After 25 years of on-air time, I believe she quite deserves this honor.

We are working up some fun, up-beat and parade ready holiday style music that we think you will enjoy!

We will be bringing the joy of music with us for sure. And of course – the light’s will be, well , FANTASTIC!

Thanks to all including Carbondale Main Street for continuing a wonderful holiday tradition.

Momma C


A Well-Seasoned Harvest {Whirled Peas Café Radio}

WPC Radio: Musical Comfort Food with a World of Spice

This November we witnessed a true “once in a Blue Moon” which by official definition is the third moon of a season that contains four full moons. And all of my life I thought a Blue Moon occurred when two moons went full during a single month. So don’t be surprised to see celebrations of the season and moons in today’s playlist.

As we put a wrap on November, I originally planned on sampling some more Native American music. Yesterday, Morningstar put together some music I would only pale at the attempt to imitate.  So instead, I’d like to urge you, my readers to visit her FaceBook page. Support our local Native Voices by “like”-ing it. While you’re at it, check out the older playlists at Whirled Peas Café on FaceBook, as well.

Today’s playlist also includes the final three songs of Fellowship, Lizz Wright‘s new release. All three of today’s selection are sultry and soulful in a hybridized gospel tradition. Since Neil Young was also prominent on my mind this Harvest season, I couldn’t help but include a live version of Lizz’s cover of his classic Old Man…from his album Harvest, of course.

Perhaps the best part of today’s show for me was my chance to share my visit with local wildlife photographer, Al Parr. The joy he gets from his regular walks on Campus Lake is evidenced in the stunning catalog of pictures that document those forays. Thank you, Al, for sharing your passion and expertise with us. And thanks to Dia for sharing Al with us. For more information about Al’s slide presentations and artwork, visit his website: But for those of you who caught this morning’s show, you would understand that Al can be found at many of the local craft shows, the next one being at the SIUC Student Center Holiday Craft Show Dec 2nd-4th. As much as Al enjoys the solitude of his nature walks, I believe he enjoys communing with budding photographers and wildlife enthusiasts even more. Stop by this weekend and ask Al the questions you wish I had asked. I guarantee he will greet them with the same generosity and excitement he gave to our interview. I”m still working on developing my technical skills. I hope to attach an audio to this post later in the week. For now, enjoy this slide show of some of Al’s Campus Lake shots.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Four Seasons: Autumn (Vivaldi) Conductor, Lamberto Gardelli & Sand Artist Ferenc Cakó
Early Autumn
Raya Yarbrough
Feed the Light Lizz Wright
Harvest Neil Young
Old Man Lizz Wright

Harvest Moon Neil Young
Adiyo Kerida Zorzal
Be One Now Little Feat
Fire Is Low Freshlyground
Gypsy Moon Ranger And The Re-Arrangers
Hatching Day Anne McCaffrey, Tania Opland, et al
I Remember, I Believe Lizz Wright
Imagine John Lennon
Pastures Of Plenty Alison Krauss & Union Station
Sweeping Through the City Lizz Wright

Ev’ry valley shall be exhalted, and ev’ry mountain and hill made low (Part One)

The composer George Frideric Handel, who compo...

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As we have passed through the Thanksgiving Holiday, we now come upon the Christmas season.  This is the time of year that I usually dedicate to seasonally appropriate music, and this year shall be no different.  But I do this not out of requirement.  Some of the most wonderful pieces of music ever written were composed expressly for the Christmas holiday, and given the general historical focus of my program, I feel that I would be amiss if I failed to give this music the appropriate airing.

The focus of the next two weeks, owing to the length of the piece, will be Georg Friederic Handel‘s masterpiece Messiah.  Writing in just 3 weeks time, having started on August 22, 1741, completing the music by September 12th, and filling in the orchestration by September 14th, Handel premiered the work on April 13th, 1742 in Dublin, Ireland as a benefit performance for charity.  Handel revised the work on multiple occasions after its premiere (a common practice, also done by Bach and Mozart), often to make use of the musical resources at his disposal, and the version that we are most familiar with was finally heard at a similar benefit in 1754.

After Handel’s death there were a number of popular revisions of the work, including that by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in 1789 (he added a number of woodwind parts), that resulted in a trend towards larger orchestras and larger choirs.  However, the recent trend towards historically informed performance of Baroque era music has resulted in a number of scholarly editions of the score that reveal to us the true beauty and delicacy of the music, and bring us ever closer to the vision that Handel had.

Tonight’s recording is a wonderful 1970 rendition that features excellent singing by soloists Margaret Price, Yvonne Minton, Alexander Young and Justino Diaz, with the bosso continuo done by noted harpsichordist Colin Tilney.  Handel occasionally arranged the piece so that two sopranos would alternate between the soprano arias; while I have played a few recordings of such arrangements on The Galaxy in the past, this recording reverts to the standard SATB (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) arrangement.  Justino Diaz, in particular, is quite commanding in his arias.

Thus, I give you today’s playlist (the original can always be found here):

Composer Performer Title Genre Label
Margaret Price (sop), Yvonne Minton (contralto), Alexander Young (tenor), Justino Diaz (bass), Amor Artis Chorale, English Chamber Orchestra, Johannes Somary, cond., Colin Tilney, harpsichord and organ
Classical, Baroque era, music for choir with soloists and orchestra
Omega, 1990

“Style City” 11/28/10

Lately, I’ve really been digging Scrap.edx. If you know any other good albums like this, let me know. Hope you enjoy the show!

I felt like this was a really successful show, and I’m happy that people were listening. Thank you! –Emma, Tour Guide for Style City

Lackluster — xx/xx/99 (from “Showcase,” on Merck)
Lackluster — 01/10/00
Lackluster — 07/05/00

Scrap.edx — Autotransformer (from Nonlinear Interfacing,” on DTA)
Scrap.edx — Audible Gasp
Scrap.edx — Spasm Engage
Unagi Patrol — Unabomber (from “Elevate and Pool,” on Carpet Bomb)
Unagi Patrol — Elevate and Pool
Unagi Patrol — Andy’s On My Pillow
Quench — Nightshelf (from “Punctuated,” on n5md)
Quench — Zane

Quench — Nemm
Gunshop — EE Hates Crusher (from self-titled album on CIP)
Gunshop — First Lesson in Antimagnetics
Varathane — Untitled 1 (from “Ruddy Brown Primer,” on Hydrant)
Varathane — Untitled 2
Unagi Patrol — King Kamehameha
Livestock — Lawndrop
Mice Parade — Circle 1 (from “All Roads Lead to Salzberg,” on Bubble Core)

wdbx kids kamp

Thank you grandma jean for so many wonderful years of great music!

Dan Zanes – House Party
The Blankies – Robot
The Dirty Sock Fun Time Band – Music
L.L. cool J – Big Bad Wolf
Miss Lindsay – Putting On My TuTu
Mr. Richard – Cheese – Polka Dot Puzzle
Frances England –  Jacques Custeau – Mind of My Own
Maria Lewis  – We all Laugh in The Same Language
Seseme Street Kids – Sing – Putamayo Kids Playground

Story -” The Lesson of The Land”  Listen To The Story Tellers

Stacey Earle- Wonderful Life
Groovegrasss –
The Monkees – Daydream Believer
The Fugees – Happy To Be Me
Nina Simone – It Don’t Mean a Thing if YOu Don’t Got That Swing
Bobbi McFarrin – Water Music
Sergio Wals – Nobody Knows Where Our Bus Driver Goes –
Julie -ANdrews – Do Long Farewell

Take The joy Of Music With You – Wherever You Go!

“It’s Too Damn Early,” 11/27/10

I’ve performed an aural “hard reset” following Sneaky Pete’s six-hour Jimi Hendrix birthday show– much of which I witnessed firsthand, while sleeping on the couch in the foyer. There’s nothing quite like the tenuous sleep of a tall man on a short couch, particular when it’s punctuated with the periodic awareness of Hendrix roaring out of the studio monitors. Luckily, I’m a big Hendrix fan, and loved every bleary-eyed moment of it… particularly the 8/31/70 version of “Machine Gun,” which runs over 20 minutes!

Here’s the playlist for today’s special psychedelic tribute to Paula Deen:

Grey Park — 10 Dollar Habit/Immediate Resignation (from “Halogen Ball,” on Negative Foundation)
The Free Players — On Another Side of the Blue (from self-titled album on Last Visible Dog)
Erik Satie — Upsud: Ballet Chretien; Act I, A Deserted Beach
Erik Satie — Upsud: Ballet Chretien; Act II, The House of Upsud
Erik Satie — Upsud: Ballet Chretien; Act III, The Summit of a Mountain- Upon It A Crucifix (this, and next, from “Paris X,” on Furious Artisans and Innova)
Dane Rudhyar — Tetragram #3: Rebirth
No One Pulse — Kapok (from “LINGK,” on Lona Records)
Paula Deen, Jamie Deen — “Be rough with it…”

Paula Deen offers listeners a chance to "hard reset" their arteries, too.

Eddie the Rat — Sunny’s Up All Night (from “Insomnia Sound Bible,” on Edgetone)
Eddie the Rat — Freak Out & Die
Eddie the Rat — Cough Up The Life Units
Sensible Nectar — Neurological Problem (from split c20 w/Casket At the Altar on Violent Noise Atrocities)
Sensible Nectar — Liplike Structure (from “Tectonic Grind,” on Rainbow Bridge)
Sensible Nectar — Hiding Microbe (from “Catholocyst,” on Chaosynod)
Sensible Nectar — Fuck Chamber (from “Death Panels,” on Danvers State Recordings)