Fun in the archives: Pete Martin, LIVE set for WDBX

I thought it might be fun to dig through my archives, and haul out some live sets from past episodes of “It’s Too Damn Early.” Today, I’m presenting you with a live phone-in set featuring Pete Martin (from Eddie the Rat) recorded back on January 23rd, 2010.

Phone-in sets are a recurring feature on “It’s Too Damn Early,” they’re a great way to hear live material from artists who haven’t had a chance to make it out to Southern Illinois. But they come with a price– huge variations in recording quality. Quite often, performers find themselves playing into a cell phone. In this case, Martin’s set was not only compounded with the usual difficulties (hearing each other, working with a cell phone) but he was also performing in a closet, attempting to keep the volume down in his apartment building while suffering from a cold!

After two live pieces, we have a short interview about Martin’s usual live performance setup and plans for future albums. You’ll also hear his own introduction to “Food For the Moon Too Soon pt. 1,” from the phenomenal Edgetone Records release of the same name. I see that Edgetone is currently having a nice deal if you pick it up with “Out Behind the Eight-Ball,” which I once described as “something like a post-trepanation Les Baxter album.” There’s a reason why I always get calls when I play these albums!

Download the live set here. Enjoy!




2 comments on “Fun in the archives: Pete Martin, LIVE set for WDBX

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