Jazzman Jay

Editor note: This entry is part of “Roots Rockin’ Reggae” host Bongo’s continuing series of WDBX and music-related memories. Click here to see previous entries. If you’re digging these, be sure to tune in this Thursday from 6:30-8 p.m., and give him a call at the station to let him know!

One evening I was filling in for a DJ in the jazz genre. Me no know nuttin’ bout jazz. I run to the library and find a tune called Kiss My Ax, with a photo of a shiny sax on the front that ran twenty minutes. Great, a quarter of the show, and I send it out over the airwaves.

A neatly dressed black dude walks into the studio in the middle of the song. He wore a neatly trimmed white beard and said he was a retired insurance salesman who always wanted to be a DJ. I asked him what kind of music, he said jazz.

“Great ” I said, and sent him to the library, and he returned with half a dozen CDs. After he played a few songs I asked him if he wanted to introduce a song and say something about it. He was a little timid and balked at talking over the air. “Look, there’s lots of white in your beard, and it’s your dream. If you wanted to learn how to swim, you don’t need to read a book on swimming, you need to get in the water.”

He smiled, I turned on mic two and his career as a jazz DJ at DBX was launched.


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