A old listener poll/prank

I’m not sure if WDBX has ever really done a comprehensive poll about listeners’ likes and dislikes– but for one April Fools’ Day, back in 2008, my radio-themed prank ended up gathering some of their opinions. Here was my original blog entry, which kicked off the prank:

“For those of you who heard it, I apologize. WDBX manager Brian has been pushing us to adopt some aspects of the approaching format change at our station, with the idea being that the shift from a more free-form station to the “JackFM” programming in August won’t be too sudden for listeners. For now, we’re just basically supposed to keep off the mic as much as possible, and air selections from the “A” playlist at the top and bottom of each hour. At the mid-hour, we can play cuts from the “B” pile, and for every half hour past two hours (like my show, which is two-and-a-half hours) we’re allowed to work in any material we wish. So basically, I’ve got shit like the frakkin’ Eagles sucking up 7 minutes with “Hotel California,” and then I get hit with George Thorogood’s 8-minute craptastic “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer” at the 15-minute mark!

I felt like I was gonna lose it, even though I’ve been trying to be cool about this. I know Brian is trying to do the right thing, and that the Jack stuff is still a few months off, but I’d rather just go out playing stuff I like than easing listeners into a puddle of vanilla bullshit.

Anyways, some of the DJs have put together an online petition; and even though it’s been made perfectly clear to us that the deal with SparkNet is solid, I’d appreciate all of you signing. At the very least, it’s a list of people SparkNet knows won’t be listening to this nonsense come August.”

If you click here, you can view the petition I started in order to further the prank. There’s some really nice comments there, go check it out! In a nutshell, though, our listeners dig us and enjoy hearing real people. There’s a connection between us that no computer or automated playlist can come close to providing. Think about that next time you hit “shuffle,” eh?

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