Liveblogging! “ITDE” 9/18/10

I’ve started off today’s “It’s Too Damn Early” broadcast with a fine set of field recordings from Glenn Weyant, an Arizona-based improviser who often utilizes the US/Mexico border wall as a sound source in his compositions.

Don’t confuse this Chas Smith with the one of SubGenius fame– today’s playlist is instead graced by Chas Smith, instrument builder and composer. Here’s a taste, in case you missed it:

I saw recently that RST’s “Axes” album is available again on Last Visible Dog. I think the mail said they’ve got another 30-ish copies, so you’d better move on it if you want one.

I promised to play some of Gen Ken Montgomery’s “Birds + Machines” disc earlier on The Blogapus, so here I am, making good on it. I think a quote from my earlier review of his album “Drilling Holes in the Wall” is appropriate here as well– “As consistently holds true with any of Montgomery’s works, it is the listener’s willingness and enthusiasm for sound that will make or break its perceived value.”

I’ve enjoyed Grundik and Slava music for a long time now, so “…for Electronics and Birds” is one of those albums I’ll re-visit periodically. Here’s a video for “Virola,” which is also on the disc:

I can’t say enough good things about the quality of the improvisation on Pax Recordings’ release of “Our Faceless Empire.” This is tops, and I hope to hear a lot more in this vein.

The birds are proliferating! I’m currently playing Glenn Weyant’s drone opus, “Droneland Security” with the monitors UP. There’s no better way to experience this. If you missed it… well, you suck, but you’re lucky– Weyant has helpfully arranged for you to hear it free.

Lona Records currently has three copies of the “MoonOphonique pt.II” mini-CDR remaining. I’m pretty sure that the Burning Emptiness label still has copies of the companion disc, “MoonOphonique pt. I”… As a huge O fan, I’ve made sure I had both. Here’s a link to my original review of the disc, along with some other Lona releases.

Glenn Weyant — Natural Electronics
Chas Smith — False Clarity (from “Descent,” on Cold Blue Music)
Wadada Leo Smith’s Golden Quartet — Umar at the Dome of the Rock, pts. 1 & 2 (from “Spiritual Dimensions,” on Cuneiform Records)
RST – Crystalline (from “Axes” on Last Visible Dog)
RST — Lords of Space
RST — The Gate of the Sun
Gen Ken Montgomery — Shoot Me Down (from “Birds + Machines” on Pogus Productions)
Gen Ken Montgomery — Treat The Hell Out Of It
Grundik & Slava — Pattern In Time (from “…for Electronics and Birds,” on Stateart)
Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Manuel Mota, Gino Robair, Ernesto Rodrigues — Nosso Rosto Empire (from “Our Faceless Empire” on Pax Recordings)
Glenn Weyant — Droneland Security
Glenn Weyant — Cicadas
O, Moon — O (from “MoonOphonique, pt.II,” on Lona Records)
O, Moon — O (no.2)
O, Moon — O (no.3)


3 comments on “Liveblogging! “ITDE” 9/18/10

  1. ltsailiata says:

    Thanks, Dave. You are opening my eyes up to a whole new world of possibilities!

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