Jimi and Me

My baby Brother Jack sat in a coffee shop in Greenwich Village.  Jimmie sat with two white women waiting for his supper.

“You know who that is?” I asked
“No!..It can’t be,” said Jack. “Go and find out. Please, please, please.”
I walk over to the guitar legends’ table taking off my elaborate Allan Stuck necklace made of copper and said, “You seem to like jewelery.  My friend is a jewelry maker who likes to share his work.  Would you like to have this necklace?”
Jimmie was wearing silver and turquoise, but he said “sure.”
I gave it to him, he said thanks and I turned to walk away.
“What’s your name?” he asked softly.
“Alex, what’s yours?”
Jack came unglued and said no one would believe him at high school, and go ask for an autograph.  I said he wouldn’t want to be bothered, but Jack strongly insisted.
I took the two yellow submarine post cards to Jimmie’s table, apologized for bothering him, and he saw Jack all excited and gaga looking.
“My brother Jack would love to have an autograph.  Would you mind?”
“Sure” he said without hesitation.”This is my managers info, and I’m in Marrakesh in the winter because some of Africa’s finest musicians go there, so come see me.”
He finished his meal, crossed the street and sat in with Tom Hayden for an up close, kick ass set.

2 comments on “Jimi and Me

  1. rootsrockinreggae says:

    welcome to my weekly blog. Next week is a heartwarming tale of WDBX uplifting someone in a struggle.

  2. Francis Flatley says:

    Alex – Who the hell is Tom Hayden? Oh, I know, he dated Hanoi Jane didnt he? I think you saw Jimi with TIM HARDIN on
    Christmas Eve 1968 at the Bitter End. The coffee house was the Tin Angel. Jack and I saw Hardin the night before without
    the great Hendrix of course. I can remember that postcard thumb tacked on the wall behind your front door. One observation:
    Jimi’s manager was none other than the great Jeffrey “Chas” Chandler who was the bass player for Eric Burdon and the Animals.
    Peace my friend. It was great to see you again and to meet Janice.

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