Whirled Peas Café Playlist: Sept 13th, 2010

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1. Night Time is the Right Time/Ray Charles & Raylettes
2. Son of a Preacher Man/Joan Osborne
3. Take me for a Little While (Shindig 1965)/Evie Sands
4. Anyway that you want me/Evie Sands
5. I’ll Never Be Alone Again/Evie Sands
6. Wavelength/Van Morrison
7. I’d Like/Freshlyground
8. A is for Allah/Yusuf Islam(aka Cat Stevens)
9. Father and Son/Yusuf Islam(aka Cat Stevens)
10. Peace Train/Yusuf Islam(aka Cat Stevens)
11. Another Saturday Night/Cat Stevens (pre-Yusuf Islam)
12. City of New Orleans/Arlo Guthrie
13. Spider Web / Joan Osborne
14. Hallelujah I Love Her So/Ray Charles
15. Whenever God Shines His Light /Van Morrison
16. I Got to Find a Lover/WC Clark
17. Freeway / Aimee Mann
18. Shadowboxer/ Fiona Apple
19. Help!/Howie Day
20. Stranded/Van Morrison
21. A Matter Of Minutes/Shawn Colvin
22. Blue Rose/Lizz Wright

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One comment on “Whirled Peas Café Playlist: Sept 13th, 2010

  1. wdbx says:

    Great playlist! Thanks for getting things rolling at The Blogapus!

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