Welcome to The Blogapus!

Thanks for joining us here at The Blogapus, the inkorporated voice of WDBX-FM! This station-wide blog is so new that we’re still getting everyone hooked up, and figuring out how to use it.

We’re going to start by giving you a behind-the-scenes look at what we do, including everything from liveblogged playlists and music reviews, to volunteers’ stories and news about upcoming in-studio guests. If you’ve got a favorite DJ, let them know you’d like to see them writing on The Blogapus!

The Blogapus is as much yours as it is ours– we can’t have a good conversation without you! Be sure to let us know about your questions, new bands, requests, or show suggestions in the comments section.

Just like your favorite community radio station, The Blogapus will have a little bit of everything, so be sure to check back every day to see what’s up!


5 comments on “Welcome to The Blogapus!

  1. getallfur says:

    Just registered and looking forward to putting up my playlist this Saturday night!

  2. Chris Wittman says:

    aka ‘Ricki Recordo’ here. I’m here at the wonderful Blagupos!

  3. XXXXX says:

    I am a listener of your station… and what troubles me the most is the diversity that your station preaches…. when in fact it is not… Yes u have a touch of diversity,, a little bit of this, a little bit of that…. But a whole lot of… bluegrass,country and rock… out of the 168 hours you guys are on the air I do believe that only 10-12 hrs. is dedicated to HipHop & R&B and basically no pop or reggaeton club and maybe 2hrs of Latin Flavor….168 hours and less than 20… I’ll give you 20hrs.. are dedicated to to the genres mentioned above….And the few HipHop & R&B shows are scattered throughout the week… 2hrs on mon.. maybe 2hrs.. on wed.. 2 on friday….. and those are usaully 5am or 2-4am on a tues… REALLY??? I love your station But Diverse it is not!!!

  4. Ricc–

    My name is DaveX. I remember your name, as we once shared a page in the Nightlife for reviews of our self-produced albums, way back in 2000 or 2001.

    I appreciate your opinion about WDBX’s diversity, but feel that I have to remind you that our diversity is always going to be representative of our volunteers themselves. You’ve had a show before, so you’re aware that our volunteer DJs are individually in charge of their own programming– if they want to play hip-hop for two hours, that’s their choice. If they don’t, that’s also their choice. Perhaps you don’t remember some of the fine shows featuring these sorts of music we’ve had in the past– I remember at least a year of coming in to find the DJ ahead of me had 30 or 40 people freestyling in the booth, to the extent that I often had to struggle to get the mic back by the time my own show came on, haha. Michelle’s “Legendary Mastermind” sets were always excellent, too. There seems to be no shortage of reggae music getting played on-air, have you looked at our schedule?

    I’ve seen you described more than once (and perhaps in that same review) as a “godfather” of the Southern Illinois hip-hop scene. If that’s true, then put your clout to work and send someone over to WDBX as soon as you can. There’s a 2-4am slot right in front of my own show, and I’d love to hear something better than a Bob Dylan mp3, believe me.

    All the best,


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